Project Shipments

Project Shipments Services

It delivers heavy and bulky loads that are considered out of gauge to the desired point within ideal time and costs. Orbis LS, which creates traceable costs with its transparent pricing policy, produces solutions in line with the needs of its customers.

Sector-Specific Solutions at Every Desired Point and Process

Orbis LS, which provides project transportation services for sectors such as energy, industry, construction, oil, gas and mining, develops business plans and develops resource management strategies by producing customized solutions for the needs of its customers with its experienced expert staff, reliable and strong partner network.

Project Transportation Services from Orbis LS

While Orbis LS provides services in the field of project transportation; At the same time, it provides foreign trade legislation support to its customers and provides local information.

Among the services offered by Orbis LS within the scope of project transportation are multimodal – combined, heavy cargo solutions, warehouse and transfer solutions, fixing, material fixing and packaging, order tracking, crane, record and commodity insurance.

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